Jonathan Vera

At a very young age, Jonathan aka “Vera”, has always wanted better in life. At such a young age figuring out, “how can I give my mother and siblings a different path of what life can be”. At 15, Jonathan moved out to help his mother so she can just solely focus on his younger siblings due to economic hardships. He was then taken in by his best friend and his father, Nate and Johnny Martin. To help him while he pursued cutting hair. At 16, Nate was Jonathan’s first client to get experience, and that just led more friends to another. After high school, Jonathan knew it was time to go after what he knew he was meant to be, a Barber. Regardless of no family support economically, he was determined to find a way. If it was figuring out in his own, not knowing where or how to start, he still did it. 2016 he graduated, because he wanted to make his mother proud and that life can be so  much different with endless opportunities. Like his favorite saying, “law of attraction”, positive mindset only brings positive experiences to a persons life. Jonathan’s career is only growing and he is learning more each day. This is just his beginning to what he will accomplish in life. Stay tuned.


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